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Does the college application process frighten or overwhelm you?  Are you not sure where to even start?  Have you heard horror stories from family members about how hard it is to get into a good school?  If you answered yes to any of these questions, let me help you cut through the noise.  MPM Strategic College Planning was founded with a single mission: to help families and students navigate the rapidly changing, complex college application process. Searching for colleges to apply to is supposed to be a fun and exciting milestone for high school students, as they begin to think about the next chapter in their lives.  Over the past several years, though, while working with students I have seen less and less joy and excitement in this process.  The joy has been replaced with incredible amounts of stress and anxiety.  The application process has morphed into a toxic Hunger Games-like experience, and my goal is to guide students through this, removing as much of the stress as I can and help cut through the insanity.


MPM Strategic College Planning is owned and operated by me, Matthew McKenna, a school counselor with over 14 years' experience partnering with 600+ students and their families to transform the maze of college planning into a clear path forward. Far too often I have seen the negative impacts the application process has had on high school students, and I strive to be a voice of reason and compassion for the students I work with. 

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In our initial consultation, you will learn how I will work with you and your child throughout the college admissions process. I will outline the steps in my advising services, as well as the timeline for the college application process.  Initial consultations are conducted over the phone or through video chat.

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