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With years of experience in helping students identify colleges that are best suited for them, MPM Strategic College Planning can help the college applicant in your life find the college that best suits them academically, socially, emotionally, and financially. As students visit colleges, and fine tune their likes and dislikes, I update the list accordingly.  Applicant research, feedback from campus visits, and conversations during college planning sessions will help shape and refine the college list. A student’s final list of colleges will include a range of selectivity, from safety schools to target schools to reach schools, while providing the opportunities the student is seeking for their college experience.

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Although grades, course rigor, and standardized test scores are often the most important components of a student's positioning for college, the application essay follows closely behind.  Oftentimes, applicants don't interview for every college they are applying to, so the essay might be the lone opportunity for students to convey their personality and introduce themselves and their "essence" to college admissions representatives.  The essay becomes even more important when an applicant chooses not to submit test scores. With a clear understanding of the role that essays play in the admissions process, MPM Strategic College Planning will work with applicants on fine tuning their essay before the first word is even written.  An extensive brainstorming session will help develop ideas and assist the students in conveying their most authentic self.


MPM Strategic College Planning can advise on current and future courses, summer programs, internships, and extracurricular activities.

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An activities resume helps highlight an applicant's strengths and informs colleges about students’ accomplishments, talents and interests.  Limited space for this is available in the Common Application, so resume building becomes an important exercise and gives the applicant an opportunity to expand on their activities.  MPM Strategic College Planning will assist in developing an effective resume emphasizing their extra-curricular activities, awards, honors, community service projects, internships, and employment to submit with college and scholarship applications. A resume is often a good document to bring to present to admissions staff during a campus interview.


 MPM Strategic College Planning can assist applicants with making the most out of college visits.  These college visits play a crucial role in determining if a college or university an applicant is considering is the right “fit”.  MPM Strategic College Planning will provide guidance in making the most of college visits, from smart questions to ask to specific things to look for while visiting schools. Also, some colleges keep track of a student’s demonstrated interest in their school, and therefore a college visit can be very important.

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MPM Strategic College Planning will help determine which test, whether the ACT or SAT, is right for each student, as well as help lay out a smart testing schedule for each applicant.


MPM Strategic College Planning will work with applicants in prepping for admissions office and alumni interviews through mock interview prep sessions.

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MPM Strategic College Planning will help with the college application process step by step, for both Common Application Schools and for schools using the Coalition Application, by creating and implementing a manageable schedule to meet deadlines and stay organized and on top of things throughout the application process. MPM Strategic College Planning will provide advice on application type including early action, early decision, rolling admissions, and regular decision.

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