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Researching and Writing

An Overview of Essay Writing Workshops

Write with purpose and an audience in mind!

At MPM Strategic College Planning, we understand the importance of the application essay.  Now more than ever, colleges are placing increased weight on this critical component.  As more and more schools have adopted test optional policies, the analysis of the essay and the applicant's writing ability is being increasingly considered.  We offer a variety of essay workshops from individualized, one-on-one sessions to small group instruction.  Workshops are offered both virtually and in person.  Students and their parents can select from one, two, and three hour workshop formats.

One Hour Workshop

In the one hour workshop, content will be focused on essay essentials, a warm up, two brainstorming exercises, approaches to the structure of the college essay - narrative vs. montage, essay examples of each, and a brief amount of Q & A and writing time

Two Hour Workshop

In this workshop, participants get everything from the one hour workshop, plus:

  • A 30-min exercise for writing a narrative-style essay (great for students who have experienced challenges)

  • A 20-min exercise for writing a montage-style essay (great for students who have not experienced challenges)

  • By the end they should feel extra inspired and equipped to write one essay, maybe even two.

Three Hour Workshop

In this three hour workshop, participants get everything from the one and two hour workshops, plus:

  • They’ll have a chance to begin writing a first draft AND

  • receiving feedback on the draft

  • By the end they may even have a rough draft written, so they might feel accomplished, plus they’ll have benefited from an outside perspective

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